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Letter from the President

Investor Relations

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Invest in a local bank that makes decisions locally and keeps deposits with the community working for the community.

West Shore Bank opened its doors in 1898 and we have been providing our local economy the financial services important for our community’s growth and prosperity for 120 years. With our business and mortgage lending, we have helped customers fulfill their dreams of starting their own business or buying their first home. It is through our investors that keeps West Shore Bank as a strong financial partner to our many customers. The Board of Directors and management are committed to providing our surrounding communities a bank that makes decisions locally and keeps deposits within the community working for the community.


Since 1980, West Shore Bank (WSB) has continually been able to pay cash dividends to our shareholders. Part of our success lies in the fact that despite the many challenges facing our industry, we remain profitable and well capitalized. Historically, community bank stocks like West Shore Bank have provided reasonable investment returns over the years. While we cannot predict the future, the Board and management work diligently to provide a fair return over the life of your investment in West Shore Bank.


If you are a shareholder of West Shore Bank but are not currently a customer, we hope it is only a matter of time before you as a shareholder fully recognize the benefits of aligning your banking relationship with your investment. Being able to call you a customer, is our next goal. We strongly believe that it is the shareholder who maintains their banking relationship with their investment interest that ensures the success of the Bank. Whether your interest lies in personal or business accounts, loans or even help with your investments, we can help you with your needs.


In an effort to increase share value and shareholder liquidity, West Shore Bank has enhanced and expanded our shareholder services offered by the Bank. Services offered include the following:

Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan

Through the Dividend Reinvestment and Stock Purchase Plan (DRIP), West Shore Bank offers qualified shareholders the opportunity to purchase additional shares of the Corporation’s common stock using cash dividends and optional cash investments without paying any brokerage commissions or service charges. The DRIP is only available to shareholders who are registered holders of the Corporation’s common stock. Any registered shareholder may elect to participate in the Plan by contacting the West Shore Bank Transfer Agent and completing the required documentation.

Trade Desk

Although we are lightly traded on the market, the Board of Directors has taken steps to ensure that West Shore Bank Corporation (WSBC) is able to provide our registered shareholders with a better trading environment for the buying and selling of our registered common stock. To accomplish this, we positioned WSB as the Trading Desk to facilitate buy/sell transactions for registered shareholders. In most cases, this is offered at no cost to you.

Accessing the Trade Desk is very simple, if you desire to purchase additional shares of West Shore Bank stock or have shares to sell, just call the WSB Shareholder Relations Officer, Margaret Carney, at 231-845-3557 or email her at and she will acquaint you with the process and most importantly facilitate and complete a transaction on your behalf. Please note that there are no guarantees of a sale or timeframe of a sale, but we will do our best to facilitate a sale in the quickest manner possible.

Transfer Agent Services

West Shore Bank has appointed Continental Stock Transfer & Trust Company (CSTT) as its stock transfer agent and registrar. CSTT is responsible for maintaining all registered shareholder records and responding to inquiries of shareholders as well as processing transfers of West Shore Bank stock. CSTT has been in business for over 50 years, and is one of the nation's leading providers of securities processing and record keeping. By partnering with CSTT, West Shore Bank can offer self-service online resources, additional enhanced shareholder services such as the DRIP Plan and Trade Desk, as well as continue to offer the same reliable services you have come to expect.

Please consider joining our bank as a shareholder, a deposit or loan customer, a business owner or an investor. You can get it all here! We offer a wide variety of services to help you with your needs.


Raymond A. Biggs
President & CEO
West Shore Bank